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May 25, 2017
Clayton: Provide First Aid (inc. CPR) Mon 19 June & Tue 20 June 2017
June 5, 2017
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Compact Sports First Aid Kit


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Hygiene & PPEDressingsBandages
CPR Face Shield1Low/Non Adherent Large2Cotton Crepe, 2.5cm1
Tissues (pack)1Low/Non Adherent Small3Cotton Crepe, 5cm1
Nitrile Gloves Large (pair)5Island Dressing Large2Heavy Weight Bandage 7.5cm2
Antiseptic & CleaningIsland Dressing Small3Triangular 110cm1
Saline Ampule5Eye Pad (Sterile)2
Alcohol Swab4Gauze Swabs Sterile 7.5cm4Misc. General
Iodine Swab4Plastic Strip DressingSoft Carry Bag1
Hand sanitiser1Flesh Colour20Sanitary Pads1
Safety pins (small bag)1Tampons1
Zip Seal Bags Medium2MedicalThermal Blanket1
AdhesivesJelly Beans (small bag)1Instant Ice Packs1
Transparent Tape 2.5cm1Asthma Spacer1Universal Shears1


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